Baby Shower Invitation Ideas and Free Downloads



My Baby Shower is looming, so I thought I’d share how I made my invites, the prints I created I have made so you can download and use. Have fun!

What you need – 

  1. Free ‘Save the date’ printables found here
  2. Free insert printables found here 
  3. Brown Card
  4. Scissors or Scalpel (and cutting mat if using scalpel)
  5. Double sided tape
  6. Ruler
  7. String
  8. Pen
  9. Hole-punch

What’s In my Hospital Bag?!

I am aware I have packed my Hospital bag very early, so there are a few things left to pack, such as clothes to go home in (I’m not going to be going home in my pyjamas). There a few other bits and pieces, but I thought I’d show you what I have so far. Like most people I find hospitals pretty daunting, so please leave suggestions and what helped you through your stay at hospital! Thank you for watching.

P.s Sorry about the eye twitching, apparently I don’t have the ability to control my face anymore.

What’s in my Hospital Bag – Baby Edition

I’m back, talking awkwardly in front of the camera, although I’m actually getting used to this whole talking to myself thing. So here is what I’m taking to hospital for Baby Free. I am aware that its a bit early to pack a hospital bag, but I have a new found love of being overly organised.

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The expectant father – From his point of view

Hey, I have always meddled with the idea of starting a blog, So I thought I’d have a little go and post one blog on Paige’s. Anyway what better time as I’m sure you are aware I’m currently impending Fatherhood. I’m 22 years of age and Paige has a bun in the oven, so to speak. A little bit about myself; I currently work at a sugar production factory, which is a really “sweet” job! All puns aside it’s a pretty interesting job. My hobbies are the typical to any young male, Rugby (watching now days) Photography, Furniture refurbishing and a spot of shooting.
Fatherhood. Becoming a dad, daddy, father, old git, old man, gaffer, whatever you fancy. where do I start?  I’ll start where it all started for me. Sat in a little cupboard at work perched on a stool, not knowing the life changing news that was about to hit me like a Mike Tyson uppercut when I swiped right to answer the phone to Paige. It sends shivers down my back just thinking about it. It’s weird as soon as I heard the slight mumble from her voice I knew what she was about to tell me, or try to tell me. If you’re not expecting a baby, listening to your partner trying to spit out the words I’m pregnant can be quiet amusing. It’s like she was a stuck record, “rob, I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m Rob I’m pre-e-gnat” I’m sure everyman at this point has a very different reaction. Now I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet but I feel I handled the news very well. Keeping a calm voice, I managed to help calm Paige down. I mean, yes I had control of my voice but my body on the other hand was shaking so much I feel off the little stool. So that’s my memory of being told I’m going to be a father, Paige- a mess in a public toilet and me- sat now on my arse in a cupboard at work. Picture perfect.

You know the moment you receive that call or your sat down and told you’re going to have a child it really does change you instantly. It’s as if a big switch in your head just gets turned on and you subconsciously evaluate everything you have and are as a person. knowing from this moment forward you need to be responsible and be the most supporting and loving man you can be for your partner and child. On a less serious and major bonus, other than having little mini me soon to be plodding around. You can now do all those things every Dad does. Such as wear sensible knitwear, do DIY whatever time of the day and have the occasional whiskey in the evening. However, my personal favorite, pretend you know everything about everything. I have already taken full advantage of a few of these traits but this one for sure my body seems to know it’s becoming a fatherly figure, suddenly growing a small forest on my chest. Yep I’m now a man.
I can’t even begin to put together a sentence or paragraph to say how much of a gift or miracle It is to know you are bringing a life onto this planet. To know that the little butternut squash sized human being, that’s currently chilling upside down kicking mummy in the ribs is going to grow up into a 22-year-old man (like myself) or lady (like Paige) and have a their very own life and opinions and love to give. To know that child of mine is going to rely on me to help them grow into the person they want to be, for me to help aid them and support them and give them all the knowledge and love I have. But one thing is for sure I will do my very best!




26 Week Update

Firstly sorry that this update is a little late, 26 weeks has been a pain in the backside- literally- that pun will become clear. I shall worn you, that this update isn’t overly glamorous and to be quite frank is just a bit unpleasant.

So I am just putting it out there, I have developed piles, hence the backside pun. My attempt at making writing about my bottom less awkward. Haemorrhoids/piles are a fairly common pregnancy complaint, often caused by constipation- if thats the case eat a high fibre diet and keep your liquid intake up. However mine is caused by Baby Free being head down and very low and putting pressure on my bottom area. Lovely. Walking and laying on my left has helped the-situation. My midwife also prescribed ‘Anusol’, which I have to admit is particularly uncomfortable to apply, but has worked a treat. Sitting down is still slightly problematic, and I have been tempted to blow up our beach rubber ring to sit in.

While at the height of bottom problems, I was having an epsom salt bath everyday which is meant to be amazing for piles and pregnant ladies in general. This leads me on to my next, very un-glamourous issue of the week. Apparently having an epsom salt bath every day can give you a bacterial infection down there (Again I am so sorry if you stumbled across this page and are now reading about piles and bacterial infections). However after a visit to my GP – by this point I had become used to talking about my personal areas and was given some good ol’ canesten, which soon sorted it out.

At around 26 weeks you will be due another Midwife appointment, and then will have them every 2 weeks. This then brings me onto the next problem of the week – yes this all really happened in one week. When my Midwife was listening in to Baby Free’s heartbeat, the heartbeat was missing a beat, this is called an Ectopic heartbeat. She told me not to worry, and to head to my local hospital’s Day assessment unit to be monitored. Now as a first time mum, of course I worried. I got home and broke down in tears, I started to think about everything I could of done that might of effected Babys heart. Anyway, it turns out ectopic heartbeats are fairly common, and usually sort themselves out before birth. By the time I got to hospital Baby Frees heart was already back to normal.

So its fair to say this week has not been the best, I have felt utterly un-attractive and have spent the whole week avoiding sitting down. Despite this, nothing makes me happier than seeing my belly grow and knowing that in 14 weeks I will be able to hold my baby and it will all be totally worth it. I would have piles for the rest of my life for this little human inside me!

The Baby Show – Freebies and Review

So last friday I went to The Baby Show at the Excel Centre in London, I have to say I was pretty excited about this. I love browsing for baby products, and the baby show has everything under one roof, so If you’re pregnant or have a little one- this is the place to be.

When I first arrived I was pleasantly suprised by the format and organisation of the exhibitions. It wasn’t over crowded, although I do recommend going early as it does get slightly more crammed, I did get mowed down by a couple of prams later on in the day. But  on the whole there was plenty of space to browse and shop. I was also impressed with the variety of the stalls, which I think pretty much covered all baby/mum products- ideal if you want to do all your shopping in one go. There are discounts on the big brands, so It might be worth doing a lot of your baby shopping in one go!

I would say there was a lack of places to eat in the exhibition, in fact there was only one place to eat, and I had to sit on the floor to eat because there wasn’t enough chairs. Which for an exhibition which is predominately for pregnant ladies is a bit poor- getting up from the floor is a difficult job!

Did someone say Freebies?

One thing the show definitely didn’t disappoint on was the amount of freebies. I love freebies, I think they are a great way to try out a brand before investing in them. Also samples are so handy for travelling or to chuck in your hand bag, so I picked up as many as I could. I would recommend buying the prima Goody bag, this was £5, but had so much stuff in and who doesn’t like a goody bag?!

Here are all the freebies I managed to pick up, I’m sure there are some I missed!




This MAM microwave steriliser comes with two bottles and was half price – only £13! A bargain I think. The MAM stall also had 3 for £10 on various items, so I picked up a bottle brush and two packs of breast pads. They were also giving out free bottles and soothers and had big discounts, so make sure you visit the MAM store.




Water wipes were on my list to buy. If you haven’t heard of water wipes, they are the purest baby wipes you can get, with no nasty ingredients- made with 99.9% water and o.1% grapefruit seed extract. Perfect for the skin of a newborn baby. I was told by my midwife not to use baby wipes for the first 6 weeks, to just use cotton wool and water. But newborns first poo’s aren’t the prettiest and cotton wool can get messy.

These weren’t actually that discounted, they are £2.49 in Boots and I got a pack of 5 for £10. But I think definitely worth it!



I had been looking for a baby bouncer for weeks! I really don’t like the vibrating, music playing, machine operated ones, I much prefer a more traditional style. But then the traditional ones are often a bit cheap a cheerful and don’t look overly comfortable or sturdy. It was an on going struggle!

But low and behold I found this, and Baby Free finally has a bit of colour in his/her life! I loved this when I saw this. A no trick bouncer, comfy and sturdy with a fun design and only £45.



I was on the look out for this brand, one of my friends uses this on her baby girl and she smells delicious! Mustela is a French brand, and one I have already fallen in love with. It is an all natural free from parabens and all that nasty stuff brand. They have a huge variety of products and they all smell amazing! The scent is gentle and perfect for babies, I literally can’t stop sniffing this stuff.



Finally I got this adorable little outfit from ‘Chamomile baby’ for a friend of ours who has just had a baby boy. There were a lot of clothing stalls with beautiful clothes, but as we don’t know the gender of our baby, there wasn’t a lot of choice!



Thats everything! Please let me know if you have been to the baby show and what you brought there!






Baby Clothes Haul – Primark, Zara, M&S, Asda and H&M

Following my previous post about how I have organised Baby Free’s clothes, I thought Id do a massive baby clothes Haul. In video format…cue a very awkward Paige sitting in front of a camera rambling about how tiny and cute baby clothes are.

But in all seriousness, I hope you enjoy watching, and if you aren’t finding out the gender of your baby you will understand my frustration in buying unisex clothing! Please do take a moment to like the video or comment, it means so much hearing from you!

Also- How many weird faces do I pull?! Sorry about that.

Nursery Organisation – Tips and Ideas

6 months pregnant and the ‘nesting syndrome’ hit me, I have an overwhelming urge to make baby Free’s house a (germ-free, ultra-organized, impeccably designed) home. I can’t tell you how many times I have folded, un-folded and then re-folded tiny little onesies. My new found need for organisation doesn’t just end at baby things, today for example, I had just sat down ready to tuck into a few kiwis (pregnancy craving) when I felt the desire to scrub the inside of the fridge and then re-organise its contents.

So why do we do it? I mean it is completely irrational, what woman stays up at night thinking of new ways to organise tiny baby clothes. Studies have shown that the urge to nest stems from an inbuilt need in a mum to ‘protect and prepare’ for her unborn baby. So there you go, we can’t help’s natural!



Here is how I organised Baby Free’s dresser and changing station, I doubled the chest of drawers can be found here.



Ribbet collage.jpg

The first two small drawers at the top I have used for changing equipment. These drawer dividers from ikea (Skubb box, set of 6) were so useful for keeping everything neat and organised. I used the two long boxes for nappies. Then in the small square boxes I have kept nail clippers, brush, thermometer (from the babymoov vanity) and then oils and creams etc in the other. In the drawer on the right I have kept cotton wool, just for the first few months when baby has very sensitive skin. I will keep a basket on top of the dresser with wipes, baby powder, hand gel etc.




In the second drawer down, from the left is pyjamas, then vests and on the right is sleep suits. In separating all the clothing out I am hoping it will make changing a lot more efficient and stress free, because lets face it – we will be spending a lot of time changing nappies and clothes and there will be no searching for vests or socks!




Next drawer down from the left I have a pile of soft baby towels (I will be doing a haul video next week showing where I got everything from). In the small boxes I kept socks, booties, scratch mittens and hats. Followed by a pile of bibs and then a huuge box of muslin clothes. I have another basket of muslin clothes that I will keep handy downstairs, ready for all the little accidents.




Finally in the bottom drawer I have kept spare wipes and packs of nappies, blankets and Baby Free’s Gro-bag. Then in the last box I have stored clothes that are a variety of different months, and one boy and one girl outfit, as we are not finding out the sex, I had to get at least one gender specific outfit ready!

Please share your nesting stories! I love hearing them and knowing I’m not the only crazy one, or if you have any tips on organisation- please share them with me!



Pregnancy Skincare and Acne Rant, Haul and Routine

So if you are watching this, thank you so much because I know that first youtube videos are renowned for being really awkward, it means a lot to know that you are willing to spend 10 minutes of your day watching someone horrendously uncomfortable talking in front of a camera.

Pregnancy Glow you say? how about pregnancy acne? I managed to go through my whole teenage years with escaping acne, and then boom… I get pregnant.BUT all is not lost, watch to see how I cured my pregnancy acne quickly and fairly cheaply!

Products mentioned

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24 Week Update

The week in which I ate my body weight in Kiwis, so it turns out that in fact I do have a craving and yes it is kiwis. I mean its not coal or anything, but I still find it pretty random. I even sent Rob out on a kiwi mission to source the perfect kiwi, what even is a perfect kiwi? anyway, I’ve been eating about 4 a day which is definitely not good on the ol’ pregnancy bowels.

Aside from kiwis, this week has been mainly dominated by achy bones, but just when Im asleep, or trying to be asleep. So sleeping is turning into a stressful experience of tossing and turning and a whole lot of huffing and puffing. Rob has been complaining that it feels like he is on a boat I’m fidgeting so much. But alas, once I’m up and about during the day the aches and pains almost completely disappear, well, apart from my back which detests me being in any position other than sitting upright with my back impossibly straight. Baby is giving me a posture masterclass.

I also had a midwife appointment this week, it has been 9 weeks since I last saw my midwife, which seemed like a long time to wait and I had accumulated a lengthy list of questions. However I got over excited about hearing the baby’s heartbeat and didn’t ask any. So I turned to google, which is just a very bad idea. If you have an anterior placenta, ask your midwife about it, not google. Back to the appointment, all the normal checks were done, everything seems to be going surprisingly straight forward. I have also booked myself and Rob into a few antennal classes, which rob is absolutely dreading, he asked me this evening “Paige, what shall I wear to the classes, do you think I need to get some yoga trousers?”. Im not entirely sure what he thinks is going to happen at an antenatal class, but I’m getting quite a bit of enjoyment out his fear.

I am also noticing some physical limitations this week, running up the stairs to race someone on a escalator is not an option anymore, I found this out in Marks and Spencers (I genuinely nearly passed out) I have also adopted the pregnancy waddle, much to Robs amusement.

Rob and I have started reading to the baby every evening, we love doing this, its a great way to bond with your bump. Baby Free loves it aswell, well I think so, by week 24 your babys hearing has developed and can recognise your voice. It’s also getting us into an evening routine ready for when Baby joins us.