32 Week Update

Firstly sorry I missed the 30 Week update, we have been so busy, but rest assure nothing remotely exciting happened at 30 weeks.  I still cannot believe I have gone beyond the 30 week mark! I remember when I’d hear women say they were 30 weeks pregnant in the past and I’d think to myself, “Oh my gosh, you are going to have your baby tomorrow!” Ha! Now that I’m the one who is 32 weeks along, I feel like 8 weeks (give or take) seems like an awfully long time until our little one is supposed to arrive.

So 32 weeks, Baby Free is the size of a Jicama (a what? A Mexican yam, to be exact. I think the people who pick these must be running out of fruits). Well my Jicama is growing fast now, and so I am I- I have put on 21 lbs since my booking appointment, which I have found hard to accept, but then I remember that it’s keeping baby and me healthy. I do feel like this particular Jicama has had a growth spurt this week, I am really starting to feel the weight of the baby. Bending down has become something I particularly dread, I find myself thinking about ways I can reduce how many times I have to bend down- one tactic I go for is shoving things with my feet into one big pile and then picking everything up in one go, however the difficulty is then getting back up. Once I’m down, I tend to stay down so I can figure out how I will  get back up.

This week we entered the world of ante-natal classes, I had no idea what to expect, all my knowledge on ante-natal classes came solely from sitcoms. Needless to say the classes were quite different from my expectations. They were helpful and a nice way to meet other mums and dads to be. Our first class was ‘Life with new baby’, in which we learnt all the essentials on how to care for our baby in the first few weeks. We then had ‘Labour and Labour pains class’ I admit this one was slightly daunting and really brought to life that literally in a few weeks I will be pushing out my baby. However I would really recommend going to a birthing class, if, like me you are a  first time mum. For us labour is the unknown- We don’t know what to expect, what its going to feel like, how long we will be in hospital for, so the more you know, the less scary it will seem when the time comes. (Hopefully!).