28 Week Update

28 weeks! Baby Free is now the size of a large Eggplant- funny, when I first read what size my baby is this week I read it as a ‘large Elephant’. Obviously, no baby could be the size of a large elephant, but it still took a few seconds to process that I had read it wrong. Can I blame that on baby brain?

So compared to last weeks mishaps, this week has been relatively un-eventful. The time had come for my Glucose Tolerance Test, the 28 week mark had been etched in my mind for months as I knew this ordeal was coming. I say ordeal, it’s really not that bad, but I don’t have a good track history with having my blood taken (at my booking bloods I ended up laying in the hospital car park with my legs in the air). So its fair to say I was dreading this gruelling 3 hour appointment of doom. For those that don’t know, a GTT is to test for gestational diabetes. You are required to fast for 12 hours, then when you arrive at the clinic, the midwife will take your blood, its not a lot just 2 tubes. The nurse will then give you a sweet, sugary mixture, containing the equivalent of 75g (2.6oz) of glucose. Your blood will be tested an hour later, and then an hour after that. I survived, without even breaking into a sweat, so if you are due to have a GTT- you will be ok. Of course, its unpleasant, but nowhere near as bad as I had imagined. Make sure you take some entertainment, because you will be there for 3 hours with out being able to leave.

This week we also had a visit from our ‘Health advisor’, this was both exciting and daunting. There was a massive amount information unloaded on us, well I say us, but Rob was too busy watching a video of a panda sneezing on youtube. You will also be given the ‘famous red book’ in other words your baby’s health records. I found this incredibly exciting, I don’t really know why. Apart from bombarding us with information and giving us the red book, the ante-natal visit doesn’t really include any thing else.

Baby makes him/herself known at regular intervals throughout the day; huge churning movements where my whole stomach moves from one side to the other. Now and then an egg-sized bump will appear.I find the movements absolutely amazing; there’s not a moment I don’t appreciate them. After the anxiety of the first few months where there are no movements and then when movement can be sporadic and lack of it can completely freak you out, it’s incredible to be able to just sit or lie still and press on your tummy and have an almost instant reassurance – “I’m here! Don’t you worry about me!”.
Main physical development of the week and piles update: a slight “heaviness” downstairs and the feeling that the world might fall through the old ladyparts at any given moment. It’s time to practice those Kegals!