39 Week Update


Baby Shower Haul | What I got for my Baby shower

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34 Week Update


This update, is a bit of a rant. So far I have felt compelled to treasure every single second of pregnancy, and I can honestly say I have enjoyed most of it and I am beyond amazed at how my body has adapted to accommodate a little human. However this past week, treasure every moment, I have not. I have spent the past two weeks sleeping (or not sleeping) with a mound of pillows between my legs as an attempt to reach some sort of comfort level. Once I have settled, I find myself getting out of bed every 30 minutes because my bladder has been restricted to the size of an ant. On top of pregnancy incontinence, every time I lay down I turn into a fire breathing dragon- heart burn has made an unwelcome return this week.

So sleep, which is pretty essential, is not on the cards for me at the moment. Aswell as this, maybe even because of the lack of sleep, my skin has erupted into an acne fest. I feel that I have been let down by the legend that is ‘pregnancy glow’. I am not glowing. I have been excited about this impending glow. So now I’m on the home straight I thought I’d be in the land of Jlo-esque skin. Instead I am a sweaty, spotty mess-Glowing I am not.

Rant over. On a more positive note, I had a growth scan this week and got to see little (or not so little) Baby Free again. No matter how many scans I have, each time I’m amazed that I actually have a baby in there. We even saw that Baby Free has hair! little strands of hair floating around. Also Baby Free appears to be a bit of a chunk, he/she is measuring a couple of weeks ahead, and the estimated weight at 33 weeks was 5 lbs! However according to Bev (my midwife) growth scans are notorious for being inaccurate.

Again I apologise for a slightly hormonal and sleep deprived update this week. I’m sure things will improve? ha.





I’m on the home stretch! Here’s a final few bits that I’ve brought before D-Day (or should I say May day- ha!)

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Top Pregnancy Essentials and Must Haves

Pregnancy isn’t always kind to us, so here are my top products to make pregnancy slightly more..er..comfortable? and also some pampering products chucked in there too.

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Nursery Organisation – Tips and Ideas

6 months pregnant and the ‘nesting syndrome’ hit me, I have an overwhelming urge to make baby Free’s house a (germ-free, ultra-organized, impeccably designed) home. I can’t tell you how many times I have folded, un-folded and then re-folded tiny little onesies. My new found need for organisation doesn’t just end at baby things, today for example, I had just sat down ready to tuck into a few kiwis (pregnancy craving) when I felt the desire to scrub the inside of the fridge and then re-organise its contents.

So why do we do it? I mean it is completely irrational, what woman stays up at night thinking of new ways to organise tiny baby clothes. Studies have shown that the urge to nest stems from an inbuilt need in a mum to ‘protect and prepare’ for her unborn baby. So there you go, we can’t help it..it’s natural!



Here is how I organised Baby Free’s dresser and changing station, I doubled the chest of drawers can be found here.



Ribbet collage.jpg

The first two small drawers at the top I have used for changing equipment. These drawer dividers from ikea (Skubb box, set of 6) were so useful for keeping everything neat and organised. I used the two long boxes for nappies. Then in the small square boxes I have kept nail clippers, brush, thermometer (from the babymoov vanity) and then oils and creams etc in the other. In the drawer on the right I have kept cotton wool, just for the first few months when baby has very sensitive skin. I will keep a basket on top of the dresser with wipes, baby powder, hand gel etc.




In the second drawer down, from the left is pyjamas, then vests and on the right is sleep suits. In separating all the clothing out I am hoping it will make changing a lot more efficient and stress free, because lets face it – we will be spending a lot of time changing nappies and clothes and there will be no searching for vests or socks!




Next drawer down from the left I have a pile of soft baby towels (I will be doing a haul video next week showing where I got everything from). In the small boxes I kept socks, booties, scratch mittens and hats. Followed by a pile of bibs and then a huuge box of muslin clothes. I have another basket of muslin clothes that I will keep handy downstairs, ready for all the little accidents.




Finally in the bottom drawer I have kept spare wipes and packs of nappies, blankets and Baby Free’s Gro-bag. Then in the last box I have stored clothes that are a variety of different months, and one boy and one girl outfit, as we are not finding out the sex, I had to get at least one gender specific outfit ready!

Please share your nesting stories! I love hearing them and knowing I’m not the only crazy one, or if you have any tips on organisation- please share them with me!



Pregnancy Skincare and Acne Rant, Haul and Routine

So if you are watching this, thank you so much because I know that first youtube videos are renowned for being really awkward, it means a lot to know that you are willing to spend 10 minutes of your day watching someone horrendously uncomfortable talking in front of a camera.

Pregnancy Glow you say? how about pregnancy acne? I managed to go through my whole teenage years with escaping acne, and then boom… I get pregnant.BUT all is not lost, watch to see how I cured my pregnancy acne quickly and fairly cheaply!

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